$3.00 - $6.00

Issue 1 "Oiled Up Leather Daddies"- Learn hot business tips

Issue 2 "Rat Heaven" - Learn about bees, learn about the end of the world

Issue 3 - Some stuff melts. All in all pretty incoherent.

Issue 4 - a bunch of cool drawings of monsters (printed on riso)

Issue 5 - I broke my hand and drew everything with my left hand. This one really sucks.

Issue 6 - Halloween special. A story about some kids exploring a haunted house.

Issue 7 - Learn what the body is (printed on riso)

Issue 8 - learn about the top criminals of 2019

issue 9 - A friendly koala solves your problems

Issue 10 - some collages I made out of old issues of penthouse

Issue 11 - a guy has a bad time at work.

Issue 12 - a Charlie Brown breaks out of linear time. Some teens learn an important lesson or something

Issue 13 - One Man Who is A Cop Who is Also A Literal Baby

Issue 14 - a crudely drawn pulp crime drama starring ants

Issue 15- Collage Zine #2 - all digital collages and free form stream of consciousness writing.

Issues 16 - Astonishing Future Predictions

Issue 17 -18 are not available for purchase because they both FUCKING SUCK

Issue 19 - Clouds, Dreams, Muscles, Joe Biden

Issue 20 - A first person "virtual new years party" I drew for people to experience going to a New Years Eve Party during Covid year 1

Issue 21 - visions of the end of the world. Joe Biden again.

Issue 22 - Drawings of Homer. Yep. That's it.

Issue 23 - Collage Zine #3 more porno magazines. More advertisements.

Issue 24 - Trouble with downloading a guided meditation app.

Issue 25 - secret, arcane fighting techniques

Issue 26 - an anime boy begins to worry he is trapped inside a computer

Issue 27 - A man gets too close to the truth

Issue 28 - a Tijuana Bible starring a famous mouse (adults only)

Issue 29 - Bugs learn how to play sports :)

Issue 30 -is listed on its own page because there are neat things about it to show off

Issue 31 - A person becomes obsessed with observing their neighbor's private misery

Issue 32 - A dadaist tabloid created using cut up writing and photo-collage.

Issue 33 - I had a really shitty month. That's what it's about. Don't tell anyone.

Issue 34 - A stress dream I had about my landlord.

Issue 35 - a guy falls down a flight of stairs. It sucks. This book sucks.

Issue 36 - A horrifying, titanic orange cat terrorizes a town full of simple dogs.

Issue 37 - Top military brass spills the beans about the secret leaders of the world, in this fast paced action comic.

Issue 38 - a short biography of an idiot.

Issue 40 - a story about a computer

Issue 41 - learn the secrets of professional artists. A drawing manual.

Issue 42 - halloween special 2022. A tribute to one of my favorite artists. Learn about new phobias.

Issue 43 - something goes terribly wrong at a party.

Issue 44 - secrets of successful con-men. An instructional manual to get rich and get one over.

Issue 56 - MANKIND THE NEXT 10000 Years - collage and prose

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I will keep trying to put a new one out every month