Where is my order?

Is it a new/monthly shirt?

The way that I produce shirts is, I take pre-orders for a couple of weeks and then send all of the orders, to my friends at a local print shop, Raw Paw, who hand print all of the shirts in one batch.
The day that ordering ends, I send them a tally of every order I received, and then they bulk order the blank shirts I need, then work printing them into their schedule. They are busy, talented people.

I do this for a few reasons:
Print on demand companies take a big cut of your sales, so I would have to sell the shirts at a higher cost in order to even make any money from them. 
I don't know where they source their materials or how their employees are compensated.
I like the look and feel of screenprinted shirts.

Is it a clearance or mystery shirt?
If you ordered it WITH a new shirt, and paid shipping for one order, it's waiting to go out with the rest of the order.
If you ordered it by itself and I haven't mailed it yet... I forgot and you should prod me about it probably.

Can you make a shirt of [a panel from a comic strip or a random drawing I posted on social media]?

Probably not. I don't do on demand printing. Every shirt is screen printed by hand by some cool friends of mine. It would be cost-prohibitive to do a one off print of a drawing. I'm sorry.
If you REALLY want that one image on your torso forever, I can send you a hi-res copy of the image and you can iron it on if you'd like.

I live in Austin, can I pick my stuff up in person?


I've got a great idea for something

Wow. Great. Go do that.