Shipping/Returns Policy

Shipping Policy

I am not Amazon.
Anything listed as a pre-order item, (as stated in the product description) will take additional time to process before it is shipped out to you, and almost certainly not be mailed out the same week you order it.  I collect a batch of orders and then order that number of shirts from my friends at a local screenprinting shop, and they print the number of shirts ordered, to the exact number ordered. This usually takes 10-15 business days, though sometimes it may take longer for them to print, and may take me a couple of days to fulfill once it arrrives. I work alone, pack all orders by myself, out of my apartment, and take everything to the post office on foot with a push cart.

Any order that only contains zines or stickers or prints, or clearance shirts, hypothetically I try to fulfill every week, but it may take additional time, as I am doing all fulfillment on my own, in addition to my normal duties, drawing a daily comic strip and making a monthly print zine (which I self publish at home). It's a lot of work for one person to do.

I am not liable for lost mail.  If your package goes missing, there's not a lot that I can do to help you, especially since, as stated above, pre-orders are to the number of shirts ordered. I may not have a replacement for your missing order. 

I am not liable for paying for additional postage, if your package is returned by the USPS. I can send the package again if it is returned, but I would ask for additional fees to cover shipping the order again. Please ensure that your address is correct when you place the order.  I can change the address before the order goes out. After it's in the mail, there's not much I can do.

Thank you.

Why are the shirts pre-order only?
I do this for a few reasons:
Print on demand companies take a big cut of your sales, so I would have to sell the shirts at a higher cost in order to even make any money from them. 
I don't know where they source their materials or how their employees are compensated.
I like the look and feel of screenprinted shirts.

Can you make a shirt of [a panel from a comic strip or a random drawing I posted on social media]?

Probably not. I don't do on demand printing. Every shirt is screen printed by hand by some cool friends of mine. It would be cost-prohibitive to do a one off print of a drawing. I'm sorry.
If you REALLY want that one image on your torso forever, I can send you a hi-res copy of the image and you can iron it on if you'd like.

I live in Austin, can I pick my stuff up in person?



I've got a great idea for something

Wow. Great. Go do that.